Why Exhibit



ADAS VIETNAM 2019 is the ONLY Tri-Service Defense and Security Exhibition that comprehensively addresses the diverse requirements of
the Vietnam People’s Armed Forces as well as its many homeland security and crisis and disaster response agencies.

Market Potential

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Vietnam’s military expenditures totaled USD$5.07 billion, or 8 percent of total government spending, in 2016. Vietnam’s military spending is expected to climb to USD$6.2 billion by 2020.

A core focus of Vietnam is on modernizing its maritime capabilities. In 2011, it issued a detailed maritime strategy for 2011-2020, making the
protection of maritime sovereignty and the maritime economy a key national security pillar. Because Vietnam has a 3,200 km coastline facing the East Sea (South China Sea) and 50 percent of its population lives along the coast, the government sees maritime as its greatest security threat. In 2016, approximately USD$1.6 billion was earmarked for maritime security capabilities, but this is expected to increase to USD$2 billion by 2020.

Vietnam’s domestic defense market has enormous growth potential, offering significant opportunities for foreign OEMs to venture into a space that has traditionally been dominated by Russian defense equipment suppliers. Although Russia is presently the country’s main defense equipment supplier, several European and Israeli suppliers have already made modest inroads through direct commercial sale for niche capabilities. Moreover, the US officially lifted its 50-year historical embargo on Vietnam in May 2016, paving that way for all kinds of trade including the sale and export defense equipment by US suppliers.

However, the country’s leadership has mandated government-to-government contracts for major procurement requirements. Any proposal is expected to include some form of collaboration, such as joint production or research and development to boost domestic defense manufacturing and upgrade capabilities. Therefore, ADAS Vietnam 2019 provides a timely platform that will connect global suppliers with key state-owned enterprises that are authorized to purchase foreign solutions.