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Network with Senior Officers from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Public Security, the Vietnam People’s Army and Public Security Forces including the Vietnam People’s Ground Forces, the Vietnamese People’s Navy, the Vietnamese People’s Air Force and Air Defence, the Vietnam Border Defence Force and the Vietnam Coast Guard.

Leaders and decision makers from the following agencies will also be attending:

  • GDDI, the General Department of Defense Industry is responsible for directing and controlling all military production establishments and economic activities, and for ensuring mobilization readiness of the entire defense industrial infrastructure, including the R&D and for weapons procurement.
  • VAXUCO, the General Import-Export Vanxuan Corporation, a military goods importer owned by MND and is the ministry’s designated importer of military goods.
  • GAET, the Defense Industry and Technical Economic Corporation of the Ministry of Defense. It is a defense enterprise with multi-sectoral and multi-sectoral business functions among which are the import and export, trading of materials, equipment, technology for defense and economic production and facilitating joint ventures to produce materials for defense industry production.
  • VIETTEL. The Viettel Group is Vietnam’s largest mobile network operator. It is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned and operated by the Ministry of Defence with 50,000 employees inside and outside the country.
  • TECAPRO, the Engineering and Production Application Company Limited, operating under the MND with functions and tasks of researching, applying technology transfer, production and business, serving defense and economic tasks, and focuses on developing 3 key technology areas:
  • Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication and Environmental Technology.
  • ELINCO, the Electronics Informatics Chemical Joint-Stock Company, is one of the leading companies in research, development and technology transfer in the Science and Technology field and system integration and operates in full cooperation with the local and international companies.
  • HITACO, the High Technology Application One Member Company Limited under the MND and mainly operates in the field of Defense and Security, and Technology transfer and application consulting.
  • Thai Son Corporation is a business under the Ministry of Defense, operating in many sectors and among which is the application, technology transfer and technical services involving the security and national defense tasks.

There will also be senior industry leaders and stake holders from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other organizations of the defense and security industry in Vietnam.