About Symposium


A key feature of DSE Vietnam 2019 is the full-featured Defense and Security Symposium co-located inside the exhibition hall to provide additional opportunities for Exhibitors to discuss technological challenges in the region, to present their latest products and services as potential solutions to them. The exhibitors will have the opportunity to address issues and solutions to a captive audience.



Symposium Theme: “Enhancing Security, Joining Forces, Stretching the Reach

Venue & Location: International Center for Exhibitions (ICE), Hanoi, Vietnam

Dates: Wednesday, 2 October to Friday, 4 October 2019

Symposium Language: English with simultaneous translation to Vietnamese


Who will be invited to attend the symposium?

Open to the Ministry of National Defence (Army, Air Force, Navy) and Ministry of Public Security personnel.

  1. Senior Officers / Decision-makers
  2. Technical Assessment Teams
  3. Relevant Technology Influencers
  4. Purchasing Teams
  5. Heads of Departments
  6. Relevant Platform Influencers
  7. End-Users
  8. Other Stakeholders

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Blue Team tracking and communication and Battlefield awareness
  • The Role of Weapon Locating Radar at the Multi-dimensional Battlefield
  • Robots in Urban Warfare and EOD
  • Mine Detection and Clearance technologies and Techniques in an Urban Warfare environment
  • Hostile Fire Locator in an Urban Environment


  • Situational Awareness with the use of Technical Surveillance Monitoring
  • Defeating RF initiated IED’s, Drones
  • Aircraft deployment in Urban Warfare (Rotorcraft and Fixed Wing)


  • Autonomous Surveillance Vehicles and Technics
  • Maritime Patrol aircraft Requirements and uses
  • Radar based detection systems for Maritime Surveillance


  • Defending your Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks
  • Mobile Forensic Analytics Platforms
  • Cyber Analytics and Forensics
  • Building blocks to a National Strategic Cybersecurity Platform
  • Creation of an Effective Command and Control Cyberwatch Center to monitor Cyber threats
  • How to Resolve the identity of Cyber Attackers and their Geo-location


Submission Guidelines

  • Kindly submit your proposal paper via email to by 31 July 2019.
  • Please include a cover letter with author details, organization information, and any other author related data.
  • Must be in word format.
  • Ensure all articles are original, proofread and checked for accuracy prior to submission.
  • The abstract  should be up to a maximum of 250 words.
  • Preference will be given to participating Exhibitors.

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