The Vietnam People’s Army is a combat-proven and resilient force that has made significant progress in modernizing its Soviet-vintage equipment, despite the loss of its main supplier following the dissolution of the Union in 1991. With emphasis shifting to the Army after years of favor towards the air force and navy, it is likely that the Army will be able given the necessary resources to acquire new or upgraded platforms such as updated armored fighting vehicles and tanks, artillery, C4ISR capability, and logistics.

The Land Power Conference will explore key themes such as:

Regional Armored Vehicle Modernization Programs: With over a thousand main battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles, the Army can benefit from the growing range of affordable and effective firepower, protection, and mobility technologies to increase the survivability of their troops and valuable vehicles. With a diverse range of vehicle modernization programs afoot in the Asia Pacific – revolving around increased survivability, firepower, and mobility – lessons and best practices can be drawn from these regional efforts.

Regional forces are being drawn into a diverse range of missions beyond conventional warfighting. Recent deployments of troops in combating insurgency and terrorism have been witnessed in the Asia Pacific within the past decade, with valuable lessons learnt by these regional forces that can be shared. The region is also prone to natural disasters with countries such as the Philippines and Japan being hard hit by major disasters, with their respective armies called upon to support to civilian rescue and recovery efforts.

Topics include:

  • Armored vehicle firepower, protection, and mobility technologies
  • New armored and tactical vehicle concepts
  • New and evolving threats to land combat platforms
  • The evolving role of the army in the future operating landscape
  • Soldier protection technologies
  • Future infantry communication, sensor and weapon systems
  • Battlefield medicine
  • Fighting in build-up areas: tactics, techniques, and procedural best practices
  • Regional terrorism and insurgencies
  • Search and rescue technologies and techniques
  • Dual-use technologies for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief